Worried about a virtual interview? See my top tips

Virtual Interview Tops Tips Shared

As a End Point Assessor, I complete interviews with people virtually and I am sharing the important things to think about before an interview.

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Important things to remember before your interview:

First things first – Make sure that everyone in the house/office space knows that you have an important interview and what time it is, its important that you don’t get any interruptions.

If you are sitting an EPA – make sure that you have looked over all the work that has been submitted, as the questions that are going to be asked are going to be based on your work.

Talk about yourself as the first person, all the examples that you show your skills should not be spoken as “we did…” you should always say “I did….” and be proud!

If it is a job interview – make sure you have looked over your CV and have the memory of your skills and experience – so that you can use these as examples with answers to questions.

Body language speaks volumes – make sure that you sit up and feel comfortable. There is nothing worse than hearing someone shuffling around, and it can be hard sitting for a while in the same place whilst being uncomfortable.

Make sure all your equipment is ready the night before and it has all been checked – this will help you sleep better and sleep is very important.

Make sure you have a drink for the interview – a dry mouth is a horrible feeling when you are talking lots.

Never worry if you don’t know the answer to a question. Just say, you don’t understand the question, please can it be explained.

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If you are on video, make sure that you are dressed for the occasion, professional.

Try to relax as much as possible, the person completing the interview is not trying to catch you out.

And the last tip – Smile!

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