Hot Tips for a Portfolio!

Over the years of End Point Assessing, I have noticed many things that I have already mentioned in the previous posts. Today I am going to share with you what I expect from a portfolio.

Initially, this is the first time I have met the learner and I would expect to see information to allow me to understand where they work and what role they have.

I also expect the portfolio to be something that the learner has created to show off their skills. Following a training provider template is fine, but can also stop the learners from showing off their individuality and skills – Don’t hold them back!

For my learners, I follow the following format

Try to make the portfolio ‘stand out’ as much as possible and showcase the skills that the learner has applied in the workplace.

Remember, it is not to cover knowledge but to show skill – therefore it should contain images of the learner completing tasks.

If there is any way to show what is being spoken about, add the image! Make the portfolio as visual as you can:

Here are some last little tips:

  1. Use a ‘first person’ narrative when showcasing your activities
  2. You don’t need to cover too much knowledge as the IEPA already knows about digital marketing, they also know that you passed your qualifications and are at a good level of knowledge
  3. Use screenshots to show what you have completed as much as possible and annotate the images to describe what you did and why.
  4. Cover all the Technical Competencies (TC)
  5. It does not have to flow – if you have not covered a TC then add a page and cover it at the end of your portfoli (Additional Information)

Published by GemmaSwindlehurst

I am a Lead End Point Assessor for Digital Apprenticeships. I also teach Digital Marketing to apprentices. I develop resources tailored to needs and support training providers and EPAO's through the EPA process

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