Portfolio Building

So, you are at the end of your apprenticeship and it has come to the point where you need to start to collate your portfolio ready for EPA!

Your portfolio is your “Best Bits” of work to “Show Off” your skills in the workplace.

An important thing to remember is that you have to show the work that “YOU” have been completing in the workplace. This means that the portfolio should be in the “first-person” narrative.

Here is a list of the important things to remember when you collate your portfolio:

  1. Create a title page to show off your skills, make it eye-catching
  2. Create a contents page to guide your End Point Assessor
  3. Start with an introduction page – Here you need to introduce your organisation and your role. You could use some images: Company logo, Company structure, or general images from the company website to show the business
  4. Add your main pieces of evidence, starting with the one that you are most proud of
  5. Make sure you use the STARR approach with your evidence
    1. S– Situation – Detail the situation – how were you given the task and by whom
    2. T– Task – Detail of the task that you have been given (screenshot the brief or email asking for the task to be completed)
    3. A– Action – what actions did you complete – here you can use screenshots to show the creation of images, posts, websites you looked at for research, and so on. Remember to annotate the images to explain what you were doing in them and why
    4. R– Result – Here you could show data to support the result and discuss if it was a success or not
    5. R – Reflection – What went well? What would you change next time you attempt this type of task?
  6. Make your portfolio as visual as you can to show the skills that you have applied, make sure you screenshot yourself completing the actions as much as possible and annotate them.

Once you have completed the portfolio, make sure that you go over it to make sure that you have completed all the criteria needed. If you have anything additional that you are proud of, add it at the end.

Remember this is the first time your End Point Assessor will have seen any work that you have completed, so show them how fantastic you are!

Published by GemmaSwindlehurst

I am a Lead End Point Assessor for Digital Apprenticeships. I also teach Digital Marketing to apprentices. I develop resources tailored to needs and support training providers and EPAO's through the EPA process

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