My Apprenticeship Journey

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Now that the apprenticeship week has come to an end #NAW21 I thought it would be great to share my apprenticeship journey with everyone.

It started when I left school, a while ago, and decided I wanted to earn money straight away. I looked in the Yellow Pages ( to search for hairdressers and started to call a few. I called Toni & Guy (why not start at the top) and they invited me to an interview and I got the placement.

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After a few years, I decided that hairdressing was not for me anymore and I wanted a career change. Since being a child I had always played office, with an old phone, electric typewriter (now I am showing my age), and filing cabinets. So I decided to work in an office.

I completed an NVQ in Business Admin, which in those days consisted of me going to college 1 day a week and carrying 3 large folders on my back to show all the evidence. Luckily, things have now changed and we have electronic ways of sending files.

I developed my role in Business by starting in recruitment, this was something I really enjoyed. I interviewed people and placed them in roles. I also ran the wages, which was a crazy day in the week (normally Friday) where I felt so much pressure to make sure everyone was paid!

Unfortunately, I was hit with good and bad news in the same week – I was being made redundant but I was also pregnant! Crazy to be so happy and so sad at the same time. I continued my career in the NHS – recruitment and loved my time there. Social Media and Digital marketing became a big area in the roles that I developed.

I then started a full-time job as a mother for several years! (hardest job yet!) I went to be a deputy manager at Age UK. I was then approached by a training provider to see if I wanted to complete a qualification at work. I jumped at the chance and made a start on a Customer Service NVQ.

Throughout this NVQ it was mentioned to me that I would be a great NVQ Assessor (now known as a trainer) so I started to look into it.

I now deliver apprenticeships for Runshaw College, I am a Lead End Point Assessor for City and Guilds and love my journey so far. Apprenticeships and Work-based qualifications have got me to where I am now and I have loved it every step of the way.

I am Also still learning as I am completing my teaching qualification.

Earn while you learn!!!

Published by GemmaSwindlehurst

I am a Lead End Point Assessor for Digital Apprenticeships. I also teach Digital Marketing to apprentices. I develop resources tailored to needs and support training providers and EPAO's through the EPA process

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