Employer Reference for EPA

Many people have asked me over the years many questions about the employer reference, like:

What is needed for an Employer reference?

What type of detail is required? 

How should it be written?

How long does it need to be?

As an employer who has mentored your apprentice from the beginning of their qualification, I understand that you want to get this part right.

Here are some examples and tips on what is needed in an employer reference at EPA:

  1. Cover the journey that the learner has taken – Mentioning the knowledge, skills, and behaviours that have been developed. “At the start of the apprenticeship, Joe did not have any knowledge of reading analytical dashboards. Over the apprenticeship, he has gathered knowledge in this area by completing his Google Analytics IQ award online as well as attending his training. Now Joe reads our dashboard and suggests ways that we can improve interaction with the website”
  2. List specific examples about times when the learner has completed tasks for example: “In December, Sarah was asked to create a campaign for the business to promote our Christmas Event. She started by researching our competitors and produced a detailed analysis of their social media engagement……”
  3. Your view of the way that the learner has developed in your business, and how they have applied their skills to help your business in Digital Marketing. If there are any moments that the learner has achieved something or helped the business in any way “Ellie saw that we did not approach the suppliers to see if they had any additional products to advertise at our events. She created an email campaign that approached them to give them an idea of what was selling at the time and she used stats to entice them into advertising more with us” 

How do I cover the What, How, and With Whom?

The What – This is for you to talk about the task that was completed – What was it that the learner completed? Details about the task to make it specific – “Neil completed a campaign to promote a new pair of trainers that were coming to the shop. He was given this task in a meeting and set an objective to achieve a higher footfall in the shop for the week the new trainer was being released” 

The How – Now talk bout how the learner completed the task, what did they do? “Neil researched the trainer so that he had full information before he created the content. He also looked into demographics so that he understood the target audience. He then picked the social media platform to suit this audience and created content that would suit them too. He planned the posts and used scheduling software to enable him to post on multiple sites. Once he had created all the content, he sent it to me for approval. Once the campaign was running, Neil monitored the posts to make sure that he interacted with any comments”

The With Whom – This is for you to talk about the working relationships the learner has created and their interpersonal skills. Talk about who they work with and how they have been part of your team. “Neil has been a great member of the team here at XXX, He has worked on tasks he has been set and always asks questions to make sure he has all the information he needs. Neil has worked with our suppliers on several occasions and communicates with them via email in a professional way. He also speaks to customers via social media comments, email, and phone. He represents the organisation professionally and confidently. “

Published by GemmaSwindlehurst

I am a Lead End Point Assessor for Digital Apprenticeships. I also teach Digital Marketing to apprentices. I develop resources tailored to needs and support training providers and EPAO's through the EPA process

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